In-Flight Safety

Our show scheduled for Friday Nov 13 at The Seahorse is postponed until a later date in 2016. Please accept our apologies for messing with your weekend plans! Logistcal circumstances beyond our control have caused the show to be impossible this friday.

Ticketpro will automatically refund anyone that purchased on-line/over the phone. People that bought at a physical location will have to go back to where they bought for a refund. We know that sucks please accept our apolgoies.

If you would like to use this ticket for ANY future In-Flight Safety show that is totally fine by us. Let us know at which show you want to attend. Offer valid until end of 2016.

As a token of our appreciation we'd like to offer a signed CD to anyone who had already purchased a ticket. Forward a copy of your e-ticket or take a picture of your physical ticket and send your address to - Again please accept our apologies for ANY inconvenience!

Much love,